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Informatives - Association Congress UK 2016
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Opening Plenary Session

  • Keynote: The power of your network, the power to change, the power to do good! - VIEW
  • Interview of Damian Hutt - VIEW
  • Association Challenges Panel - VIEW
  • Interview of Damian Hutt - VIEW

Stream A: Income Generation

  • How to develop and grow a portfolio of commercial products - VIEW
  • Creating a sustainable model for non-member Associates or Affiliates - VIEW
  • Speaker Q&A - VIEW
  • Managing sponsorships and sponsors - VIEW
  • Increase revenue by 73% and membership by 54% in three years! - VIEW

Stream B: Events Strategy

  • Explore the length and breadth of your event market potential to ensure you're making the most of all opportunities - VIEW
  • Content Buzz: Bridging the gap between events - VIEW
  • Sharing & Discussion: Applying lessons from the Talks - VIEW
  • How to make association events more creative and innovative and how to ensure that innovation sticks - VIEW
  • Doing Good for Nothing – leveraging passion to drive positive change - VIEW

Stream C: Member Engagement

  • CRM initiatives to drive member engagement: a success story - VIEW
  • Best practice when mapping your customer journey - VIEW
  • Speaker Q&A - VIEW
  • First steps: Analytics & Measurement: It’s all about the small data! - VIEW
  • Understand why CRM projects succeed or fail to ensure a robust project strategy - VIEW
  • Panel Q&A - VIEW

Stream D: Association Strategy

  • Building a strong, ethical communication strategy to strengthen link between virtual and physical communities and enhance the membership experience – A EUROCALL case study - VIEW
  • Making your enemy your friend – why those who criticise you should be those you want to speak to the most - VIEW
  • Successfully lead your association and your industry by being a stand-out and dynamic leader - VIEW
  • Transformational Governance: How boards can achieve extraordinary change - VIEW

Stream E: World-class events: Get ahead of the game

  • Delivering an Exceptional Event - VIEW
  • The future of events and the impact of technology - VIEW
  • Sharing & Discussion: Applying lessons from the Talks - VIEW
  • Programme content for an engaging experience and powerful marketing - VIEW
  • Building a business case for digital: How to improve your digital marketing game 360 - VIEW

Stream F: Member Communities & Engagement

  • Vibrant communities: Young members and keeping the heartbeat - VIEW
  • Vibrant communities: Special interest groups and volunteer communities - VIEW
  • Best practice when creating a community - VIEW
  • Speaker Q&A - VIEW
  • Building a diverse, global membership community - VIEW
  • Speaker Q&A - VIEW

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